Trump’s First Budget Proposal Shatters Promises

The Trump administration unveiled the final version of Trump’s 2018 budget proposal. Despite the promises that Trump made on the campaign trail and official statements that have come out of his cabinet since the budget his team released has massive cuts to programs that his base relies upon.

Medicare, Social Security Face Massive Cuts

The head of the Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney, claimed responsibility for the broken campaign promises. He told reporters that despite the president’s repeated pledges, Mulvaney insisted on balancing the budget by “reforming” two massive money-drainers, Medicare and Social Security. During the presidential campaign, Trump vowed not to touch the two programs if he were elected president.

The final budget plan includes deep cuts to Social Security and other federally funded programs that will break some of the president’s biggest promises. Mulvaney said the Trump administration no longer plans to “measure compassion” by the number of the people covered by the programs or by the number of the programs themselves.

Republicans want to measure compassion by the number of Americans that the government helps to leave the programs and “get back to their lives.” However, many of Trump voters don’t want those programs to stop because they rely on them. These people’s lives could change under the new administration’s proposed budget and not for the better.

Trump’s (Broken) Campaign Promises

If the budget gets congressional approval in its current form, many of Trump’s campaign pledges would be broken. Here’s a quick list:

On Social Security, Trump said when he launched his presidential bid that he would save the program along with Medicare and Medicaid without cuts.

“Save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security without cuts. Have to do it. Get rid of the fraud. Get rid of the waste and abuse, but save it,” he told his supporters in 2015.

Under the proposed budget, a large chunk of Social Security would be trimmed by $72 billion over the next decade. Mulvaney argued that the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) which will be gone under the new budget plan is not part of Social Security despite what people think.

Medicare will also be cut by $610 billion if Republicans in Congress manage to repeal Obamacare and force around 14 million of low-income Americans out of their coverage in the next ten years. What’s more, the GOP’s healthcare reform bill would slash Medicaid by an extra $839 billion over the next decade.

Trump’s proposed budget also breaks the promise of building the border wall with Mexican money. The budget plan includes an initial $1.6 billion of the proposed $25 billion final cost of the wall.

Trump also promised to slash the national debt, which is now nearing 20 trillion, over “a period of eight years.” Even with deep cuts, there is no way that this budget begins to reduce that number.

Mulvaney defended the president saying that that campaign promises should be seen as a “hyperbole”.

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