Alex Jones’ Latest Conspiracy Theory May be His Craziest One Yet

Infowars’ Alex Jones is at it again with a new conspiracy theory detailing how President Trump is being drugged to the point of slurred speech every night. Who exactly is drugging the President is a question that remains to be answered, as Jones repeatedly refers to the perpetrators as “them,” in a transcribed statement provided by Media Matters.

Jones, who is well-known for his insane, genuinely irrational theories all the way from Sandy Hook being a hoax to former President Barack Obama being the “global head of Al-Qaeda.” Now it seems he believes that there is a power structure lurking in the shadows behind the presidency and that those involved are covertly drugging Donald Trump’s Diet Coke every night. Why? “Because the power structure wants a puppet,” he says.

During his rant, Jones attributes all of the speculation in the media regarding Donald Trump’s mental health to the fact that he’s apparently being drugged. Jones also states that sharing the information is dangerous and that he could be killed for sharing, also noting that he felt sick before he went on air.

Ok, Alex. Believe what you want, I guess. Although it’s arguable that Trump is just, well, not doing a great job being President.

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