Bill Maher Hilariously Reveals Trump’s True Racist Colors


Friday night means it was time for Real Time with Bill Maher, and that means Donald Trump got his ass handed to him again.

One of Maher’s “New Rules” was all about Trump’s racism in response to remarks Trump made in the Oval Office earlier this month about Haiti and Africa.

“Why do we want these people from all these sh*thole countries here?” Trump demanded before rejecting a bipartisan immigration deal. “We should have more people from places like Norway.”

The remarks touched off accusations of racism, which Trump would later absurdly respond to while talking to the press.

“I’m not a racist,” Trump claimed. “I am the least racist person you have ever interviewed, that I can tell you.”

It was that particular response that Maher addressed at the end of his show.

“If Donald Trump keeps insisting that he’s the ‘least racist person anyone has ever met,’ he has to explain why the single most consistent thing in his whole life is he loves to pick fights with black people,” Maher began.

“Of all his myriad insanities, if I had to pick one line for his tombstone it would be: ‘Here lies Donald Trump; picked fights with black people,'” Maher continued.

“Think of the list,” Maher said, naming NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, former President Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, NBA dad LaVar Ball, the war widow whose husband was killed in Nigeria, Rep. Frederica Wilson, the Central Park Five, the UCLA basketball team, NBA player Stephen Curry, Whoopi Goldberg, April Ryan, the entire NFL, the cast of Hamilton, Atlanta, Chicago, Nigeria, Haiti, and Africa.

Maher then pointed out that when Trump commented on the violence committed by white supremacists and Nazis in Charlottesville, he called them “very fine people.”

“I could continue this list, but we’d be here through the end of February, which is Black History Month, or as Trump likes to say, ‘All Months Matter,'” Maher quipped.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Maher laid out a very solid case that Trump is a racist. Of course, Trump will throw a temper tantrum screaming that he isn’t a racist. But Trump’s a serial liar and his racism is not only evident in the words he speaks, but also the words he tweets.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot

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