Blood Money: 3 Republicans Who Profit From Mass Shootings Thanks To Gun Rights Groups

Paul Ryan excuses mass shootings

When the history books are written up, 2017 will surely go down as another bloody year regarding mass shootings in this country. It will also go down as another year in which Republicans who could have done something to prevent this bloodshed just sat on their hands and did nothing.

Are Mass Shootings The Rule Rather Than The Exception?

Because it’s profitable for them to do nothing, MarketWatch reports. And Republicans receive whopping campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association and other gun-rights groups who wish them to do whatever they can to prevent any meaningful legislation from being passed.

Who Is At The Top Of The List?

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 Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) received $360,727 and $170,060 in campaign funds in 2016 during their unsuccessful presidential bids, The Center for Responsive Politics reports.

Just three days after Dylann Roof murdered nine church-goers in a historic South Carolina church, following a string of shootings, Cruz campaigned at a shooting range in Iowa, where he portrayed himself as a warrior for the Second Amendment.

I’m sure it had nothing to do with all that money he’s receiving from the gun enthusiasts. Sure.

But Cruz is proud that he fought former President Barack Obama tooth and nail for attempting to advance gun control legislation after the murders of 20 innocent children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary, in Newtown, Connecticut.

“There’s a reason when Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer (a long-term gun control advocate) came after our right to keep and bear arms, that I lead the opposition,” Cruz said during one presidential debate. “Along with millions of Americans, we defeated that gun control legislation. I would note that the other individuals on this stage were nowhere to be found in that fight.”

Aren’t you glad to know that Ted Cruz supports the Adam Lanzas and Dylann Roofs of the U.S. so they can go ahead and shoot innocent people whenever they see fit? And he has the $360,000 to prove it.

If You Think Marco Rubio Is Any Better Think Again

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 When he began his campaign in early 2016, he said that if elected, he would reverse Obama’s executive action on gun control, Time reported. I’m sure that $170,000 and that endorsement from the National Rifle Association had nothing to do with this, right?

During a January 2016 speech in New Hampshire, he appealed to that state’s Republican gun enthusiasts by portraying Obama as crushing the Constitution.

“He has waged war on the Constitution,” he told the packed crowd. “He is obsessed with gun control.”

Obama, he said, “was trying to erode the Second Amendment further,” and deprive Americans their God-given right to bear arms.

“I believe that every single American has a Constitution — and therefore God-given right — to defend themselves and their families.”

That’s all well, and good but innocent people like Noah Posner (who was only six-years-old when he was murdered along with his Sandy Hook classmates) and Jessica Redfield Ghawi died because two murderers weren’t “deprived” of the right to own guns. Where were Jessi’s and Noah’s God-given rights to be safe from those who would do harm?

Rubio also earned the dubious honor of winding up on Shame On Congress’s Hall of Shame, for firmly supporting the NRA and voting against the Manchin-Toomey amendment which would have expanded background checks on firearms purchases.

And as Shame notes, Rubio hid behind the Second Amendment to do this.

“Even before the vote was on the Senate floor, Rubio joined efforts to filibuster any gun control proposals that would ‘restrict the rights of Americans who have never violated the law.'”

Regarding his defense of the Second Amendment, Rubio said this, Shame reports:

“I stand firmly against any attempt to restrict the constitutional rights of responsible, law-abiding gun owners. As a concealed weapons permit holder, I value the freedom to exercise my Second Amendment right as protected by the Constitution…The right to bear arms is a unique and fundamental aspect of American liberty because, when exercised responsibly and in accordance with the laws in place, it makes our families and our property safer.”

Well, that’s true. Sort of… Unless of course, you happen to be one of the unfortunate people involved in this year’s 317 mass shootings, as reported by ABC15 Arizona. You know, mass shootings that included the murders of 59 innocent people at Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas, and the murders of 26 people who gathered at their church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

That brings us to the last scumbag in this albeit short list of human horridness:

Paul Ryan…Who’s Barely Behind Rubio

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MarketWatch notes that Ryan’s haul stands at $171,977. Calling Ryan a “shameless political careerist,” The Nation notes that Ryan has been a firm stumbling block regarding enacting any meaningful gun control legislation. He does, however, advocate prayer. Especially for the victims of the church massacre, The Hill reports.

What a guy. Who needs gun control when you have prayers? And $171,977 to say things like this?

But he opined on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News shows The Ingraham Angle last November:

“It’s disappointing. It’s sad, and this is what you’ll get from the far secular left. People who do not have faith, don’t understand faith, I guess I’d have to say.”

“And it is the right thing to do, is to pray in moments like this, because you know what? Prayer works.”

Maybe we should all pray to get him out of office in that case.

But Ryan went off the hook in January 2016 when Obama took executive action on gun control:

“We are all pained by the recent atrocities in our country, but no change the president is reportedly considering would have prevented them. We have seen consistently that an underlying cause of these attacks has been mental illness, and we should look at ways to address this problem.”

Yes, Republicans have been beating the mental illness drum for some time now, but it’s all too obvious how they profit by preventing discussion on gun control to move forward.

And Ryan is pretty savvy to the fact that the NRA Political Action Committee devotes 99 percent of its campaign spending to push Republicans who can keep the House Speaker in power.

If you’re curious to find out about long-term contribution trends regarding gun rights group, check this out. And if you’re wondering how Cruz, Rubio, and Ryan can sleep at night knowing that more atrocities are likely to occur if gun control measures aren’t taken seriously, don’t ask me.

Because I sure don’t know.

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