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Colbert Roasts Stephen Miller For Getting The ‘Omarosa Goodbye’ From CNN


Late Show host Stephen Colbert hilariously mocked Stephen Miller and his bonkers interview with Jake Tapper on Monday night.

Over the weekend, Miller appeared on Tapper’s show and spent much of the time attacking Michael Wolff’s new book “Fire and Fury” while clearly trying to ingratiate himself with Trump by praising him and calling him a “genius.”

At some point, Miller started attacking CNN and whined about how he isn’t being allowed to say whatever he wants without being challenged or questioned.

Miller’s behavior was so unprofessional and unruly that he had to be thrown out by security.

Well, we all know Stephen Colbert was not going to ignore that interview, and he did not disappoint.

Referring to Miller as a “shaved Pauly Shore,” Colbert began by playing clips of some of the interview. Miller said:

“The reality is, is the President is a political genius who won against a field of 17 incredibly talented people.”

Colbert responded:

“Yes, he is a political genius … Who pioneered groundbreaking strategies like yelling and having a hat.”

“You get 24 hours of negative, anti-Trump, hysterical coverage on this network.”

Miller said as Tapper tried to make him calm down:

“Why don’t you just give me three minutes to tell you the truth of the Donald Trump I know.”

Colbert poked fun at Miller saying:

“Oh my God, he’s talking to Miller like he’s a 5-year-old! But everyone knows that Miller’s actual age is… 38? 61? Or 15? There’s no way to tell.”

Colbert also poked fun at Tapper for using words Trump and his team would not understand. He also called Miller a “douchebag” because Miller refused to stop talking after Tapper ended the interview.

In fact, Miller had to be escorted out of the building by security because he continued to throw a hissy fit during a commercial break. Colbert pointed out that:

“Or as they call it in Washington, the Omarosa goodbye.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Miller made an ass of himself and demonstrated that Donald Trump and his administration are nothing more than a team of whiny babies who can’t handle not getting their way. So, he deserved the mocking Colbert gave him, and they will continue to mock him until he grows up and starts acting like an adult.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot.

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