House Democrats Launch Website for Grassroots Organizing

House Democrats are aiming to take back congressional seats in 2018, and they’re launching a new website to aid the effort.

The new tools are aimed at providing national resources for grass-roots level efforts to take back control of Congress in the midterm elections. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has started the website “Take it Back,” which offers an online “toolbox” to help activists network and connect with potential volunteers for organizing efforts like canvassing and phone banking.

The Committee has also launched a “Claim Your Precinct” initiative in order identify precinct captains in targeted districts. The effort will supposedly help the DCCC maintain a database of volunteers to contact when the races get serious before the general election.

The “Largest Battlefield in a Decade”

It looks like the Democrats aren’t messing around. The party desperately needs to embrace the kind of progressive grass-roots efforts they saw from Bernie Sanders last year during the primary. The energy was real and is still making an impact on public policy – last year a “Medicare-for-All” proposal would have been laughed off by Congressional Democrats as impossible.

Since February, the DCCC has hired organizers and built field programs in 38 House districts. 5,500 people have been trained in-person and online, and the committee has trained an additional 3,200 campaign staffers and activists on “the fundamentals of a grass-roots campaign.”

“The Take It Back” initiative is in it to win it. Organizers want to build the “largest battlefield in a decade” and give Democratic candidates and campaigns the resources they need to take Congress out of Republican hands. And boy, do we need to take Congress out of Republican hands if we want to see progress instead of repeated attacks on our social benefits.

“We have already invested in organizers across the country who have been building coalitions with local progressive organizations, holding House Republicans accountable on issues like healthcare, recruiting precinct captains, and much more,” – DCCC executive director Dan Sena

Democrats need to flip 24 seats next year to win back the House. After three attempts to repeal millions of Americans’ health insurance, you’d think the American people would be done with the Republicans. President Trump’s historically low approval ratings and a new push for progressive reform have also altered the landscape and could give Democrats an advantage.

Let’s organize, speak out, vote, and take those seats back!

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