DeNiro Tells Brown Graduates That the World Under Trump is a “Tragic, Dumbass Comedy”

It’s no secret that movie legend Robert DeNiro is not a fan of Donald Trump. In the past, the Oscar-winning actor has called Trump a “mutt” and said flatly that Trump was debasing the presidency.

Over the weekend, DeNiro spoke at Brown University’s commencement ceremonies. The Goodfellas actor received an honorary degree from the school and spoke frankly about the state of the nation as he sees it.

Contrasting the current president with his predecessor, DeNiro told the students that, in movie terms, the past eight years were an “inspiring, uplifting drama.” Now, though, the 1500-plus students graduating with Bachelor’s degrees were entering the world that is like a “tragic, dumbass comedy.”

DeNiro jokingly advised the graduates to “lock the Van Wyck Gates” and to stay at Brown as students. But then he said that if the students had to leave and go out into the world, they should do their best to work towards positive change.

“Work to stop the insanity,” said DeNiro. “Start now, so the Class of 2018 will graduate into a better world.”

This wasn’t the first time that DeNiro has used a speech to take a few choice shots at Donald Trump. While accepting the “Charlie Chaplin Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Film Society of Lincoln Center back in early May, DeNiro pulled no punches when it came to his feelings about Trump’s proposed budget, calling it “bulls***.”

DeNiro explained that Charlie Chaplin was an immigrant who probably wouldn’t have made it through the “extreme vetting” process Trump wants with his immigration policy, He also described the President’s proposed budget cuts as draconian and are meant to punish the poor to reward the rich. The actor was particularly critical of the elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts as well as the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Trump’s claims that those programs only benefit leftist elites was just another example of the administration’s “alternative facts, or bulls***,” he said.

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