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DNC Paying Millions For Hillary Clinton’s Coveted Email List

The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) revealed that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is paying over $2 million for access to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign email list. The DNC is pushing hard to take back the House in 2018. They consider the former Secretary of State’s email list an invaluable asset for that victory and in a run for the Senate majority.

The FEC reports the money will be transferred to Onward Together; a “dark money” group Clinton formed after her failed candidacy. The group already received several payments in 2018 so far. According to The Intercept:

“According to FEC filing the DNC has made three payments to Onward Together between January and February, adding up to $570,000; another payment of $135,000 was made in March, bringing the total to $705,000. The full $1.65 million will be paid out by October of this year.”

Former President Barack Obama’s email list generated throughout his campaign and presidency was deemed the most valuable in all of politics. That’s why Obama donated his list to the DNC back in 2015 instead of selling or renting it. That donation was valued at $1,942,640, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, an organization devoted to tracking such contributions.

To Gift Or Rent The List?

Clinton is legally entitled to rent her email list to the DNC as opposed to offering it as a gift as President Obama did.

Some have criticized Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) for not turning over his email list. Sen. Sanders says that such an action would open his supporters up to having their emails misused by the DNC.

The Intercept relates the pitiful state of the DNC after the 2016 general election:

“The 2016 election left the DNC in shambles, with the organization struggling to attract new donors — evidently despite the HFA assets. It has been reporting disappointing fundraising figures for well over a year. In 2017, the DNC managed to raise roughly $67 million in comparison to the RNC’s $125 million, according to its latest FEC filings.

Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile told The Intercept the deal was the result of ‘tough negotiations between the Clinton campaign and the DNC. I wanted to bring back our assets. I wanted to get as much from them as they got from us. … Under the terms I worked out, we had to pay quarterly for items that the DNC acquired.'”

The Intercept reports on the state of the DNC and the RNC heading into the 2018 midterm elections:

“The DNC has taken out $1,700,000 in loans since January 2017, roughly equal to the amount it owes the Clinton campaign, bringing its debt burden to $6.6 million with just $10,093,347 cash on hand. (The RNC has $42,442,531 and no debt.). The Clinton campaign, following a secret August 2015 memo of understanding,would have had full visibility into the DNC balance sheet.”

One would hope that Onward Together will make good use of the money that the DNC is hard pressed to give. However, given the financial distress and debt held by the DNC and the nearly quadruple monies held by the RNC, it seems like a risky investment.

Featured Image Via NBC News YouTube Video.

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