About us

The Volccine team is forged by worldwide well-known professors and researchers with many years of rich experience in gene delivery research field and pharmaceutical industry.
Our Mission
Volccine is committed to develop new gene (nucleic acid) related medicines. Our focus is to use our advanced gene delivery platform and the manufacturing facilities to address infectious diseases and cancers. 
Our Goal
To create advanced delivery vehicles, to deliver transformative new generation gene medicines for patients.
Our Location
Volccine locates in the International Medical Park in Pudong New Area, Shanghai, where a cluster of cutting-edge biotechnology companies assembles to explore the now frontiers of cell and gene therapies.


· Advanced gene delivery platform able to deliver all type of nucleic acids with tailored solution.
· World’s leading independent intellectual property rights on non-LNP delivery systems.
· Close collaboration with major pharmaceutical companies to carry out multiple pipelines, ensuring future massive production and successful product launch.
· Highly professional core specialist team with more than 10 years of experience in the fields of nucleci acid research and pharmaceutical industry.

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