False-Flag Hoaxers Torment And Torture Mass Shooting Survivors And Victims’ Families

False-Flag Wing-Nuts

The vile, cognitively-dissonant brains of false-flag conspiracy theorists take the Fright-Wing to a new level of disinformation-low.

These Conspiracy Theorists Targeted Sandy Hook

Now They’re After The Parkland H.S. Students

The vilification of the student-activists at Parkland H.S. in Florida is reprehensible. Fright-Wing gun nuts are foaming at the mouth in their efforts to silence the survivors of that massacre.

Beneath the lies and the hatred cast at the students is an even more insidious monster — the false-flag hoaxers.

Wing-nuts Claimed The Sandy Hook Bloodbath Was A Hoax

The same ones are now in Parkland

Tony Mead, is the founder of “Sandy Hook Hoax,” the now-banned Facebook page dedicated solely to “proving” that the children who died in the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School were a part of a government controlled false-flag operation.

Mead is now back in the news questioning whether the Parkland massacre was real.

Fred Grimm, a columnist for the Sun Sentinel, excoriates this sordid band of predators:

“They’ve become the loathsome subsidiary to American carnage, like a swarm of blowflies come to defile the dead. ‘Truthers,’ these liars call themselves, as they contaminate social media with their lunatic imaginings.

They hardly wait for mass murderers to empty their AR-15s before posting fantastical claims that students, cops, rescue workers, the FBI, parents, entire damn communities have conspired with the ‘deep state’ to simulate a slaughter.”

In a disturbing video, published by Vice Selects, Mead is shown targeting the survivors of Parkland. He even garnishes support for his hate from InfoWars and Alex Jones.

Mead does not believe the children of Parkland were murdered. In the video he discredits actual threats received by David Hogg’s mother on Facebook saying:

“Mom of anti-gun poster boy reports threats to FBI… Poor Mrs. Boldrick, mother of David Hogg, who’s not even a victim. He’s a spokesperson. So poor David Hogg’s mother is being threatened on Facebook.”

However, not only were the abusive messages Ms. Boldrick received quite real:

But so were the threats:

Tony Mead operates without the capacity to fact check anything that differs from his narrative.

He is a menace, and he is abusive.

Ms. Boldrick fought back

Ms. Boldrick and many others with common decency went after the man who threatened her on social media to expose him.

As she said during her interview for Vice:

“You fucked with the wrong momma bear.”

Some Socially marginalized false flag freaks Are On The Fringes Of Insanity…

…And they finally met with legal consequences

Another Vice Selects video goes right after two other false flag conspiracy theorists. They go by the aliases, Side Thorn and Conspiracy Granny. And they were recently arrested for harassing the pastor of the First Baptist Church where 26 people were gunned down while worshipping peacefully in Texas last November.

The pastor, Frank Pomeroy was not at his church during the slaughter. However, his fourteen-year-old daughter was there, and she was killed in cold blood that tragic Sunday morning.

Side Thorn and Conspiracy Granny confronted Pastor Pomeroy on the street next to the church.

Side Thorn told the pastor:

“This is supposed to be a man of God, but yet he’s told the whole world that 26 people died in his church when he knows that nobody died. He’s a liar.”

Side Thorn explains precisely how his delusional thinking operates:

“These false flag operations, they’re called psychological operations. They’re by the Department of Homeland Security, and they’re being forefront by the FBI. That’s who’s controlling the narrative on these, and they’re working with crisis actors.”

Despite “Doctor” Side Thorn’s intricate knowledge of how our government supposedly fakes the death of church-goers and school children in mass killings, law enforcement has a slightly different take on his activities.

We need to cattle-chute the hate

Their real names are Robert Ussery and Jodi Mann. A nearby church member called the police, who came and put them in handcuffs. They were booked and jailed after they told Pastor Pomeroy that his dead daughter was not dead. That, in fact, she never existed.

Slate sums up the danger these folks pose as follows:

“In the age of viral media, conspiracy theories can become especially dangerous. Each time a reader encounters a false story on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter, that story becomes more and more familiar, increasing the chances someone will consider it to be true. The fact that President Donald Trump tolerates, and even indulges in, many conspiracy theories is a bad sign for the prospects of a serious gun policy debate.”

This is what happens to your brain on Breitbart and InfoWars. This is what happens when cognitive dissonance takes a Holiday from a Fright-Wing, False-Flag conspiracy brain when the mental gymnastics are just too exhausting for cog-dis to handle.

However, handcuffs do provide a measure of relief for when that sort of brain requires a leash, and that is not fake news.

That is good news.

Featured Image Via Vice Select Video Screenshot.

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