FBI Releases 1,500 New Sandy Hook Massacre Documents


The 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook that left 26 children and teachers dead in Newton, Connecticut, was not a false flag operation. Nor was it the product of some alien conspiracy, nor a plot to take away your guns hatched by former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Sorry folks, these conspiracy theories just aren’t correct, regardless of whether infamous nutjob Alex Jones believes it happened or not, or whether notorious slut-shamer Rush Limbaugh thinks it was a false flag op or not, or if Lanza didn’t kill anyone.

The FBI just refuted each of these theories and more (again) when the agency released more than 1,500 pages of previously unseen documents to the public.

Contributing Factors To The Sandy Hook Massacre

Although the FBI redacted many of the 1,500 pages, the material did include reports from FBI agents who interviewed family, friends, and other persons of interest, all of whom had connections to Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza in some way.

Some of the people interviewed indicated that Lanza had serious problems adjusting to his Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis.

In 2014, the Connecticut Child Advocate issued a report that backed up the interviewee. But it also concluded that no single factor contributed to Lanza’s decision to commit mass murder at Sandy Hook that day, but many that collided at the same time.

Two in particular though seem like they weighed more heavily on Lanza than any other though:

“Nancy Lanza rejected recommendations from Yale psychologists that her son is medicated and undergo rigorous treatment as a child for anxiety and other conditions. … Adam Lanza, his parents and educators contributed to his social isolation by not confronting his problems.”

Others interviewed indicated Lanza’s obsession with mass murders – specifically the 1999 mass shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado – likely heightened Lanza’s interest in guns. However, it was his own mother who bought the gun that he used to massacre Sandy Hook’s victims and his mother who took Lanza to the range to teach him how to shoot.

She purchased the gun legally when he couldn’t.

America Will Never Forget

America will never forget the day that Lanza massacred those 26 children and teachers and wounded dozens of others. Or that he killed his own mother before heading to the school in the first place, and then killing himself as police closed in.

We will never forget that Lanza fired a minimum of 154 shots with a Bushmaster .223 caliber rifle in the span of 4 or 5 minutes, or that he used a separate handgun to shoot himself.

America will also never forget that the Sandy Hook massacre became the day that Congress turned into public health and safety threat. That, as Republicans in Congress lied their collective asses off to the nation, pretending to care, promising to do something, and ultimately doing nothing, they in effect admitted to the world – and all of those grieving parents – that children’s lives don’t matter. Admitted that as long as Republicans take bribes campaign donations from the NRA, that American lives just don’t matter.

Adam Lanza killed 26 people at Sandy Hook and rocked the nation. The man was sick, and he committed an evil act. But his evil act is no comparison to the Republicans in Congress who have done nothing to stop the mass murder epidemic in America – except to continue to take money from the NRA, ignore all common sense advice, and actively block any law designed to help.

Every complicit Congressman is pure evil, and the newly released FBI documents go a long way to proving that.

Check out this video for a complete picture of the documents the FBI released today:

Featured Image Via YouTube Video.

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