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GOP Adviser Admits Republicans Will Never Place Country Over Party


When President Donald Trump won the election in 2016, most of us spent the next few months having near-constant panic attacks. The shock when he won was enough to send most of us into hysterics. Over the past year, he has proved time and again those fears were not misplaced.

As shocking, though, as Trump’s victory was, what has been even more astonishing over the past year is Republican’s undying support for a crazy person. Time and again Trump does something insane and time and again members of the GOP double down in their support for the deranged Don.

Now, one has finally admitted out loud and in public what everyone suspected all along: Republicans no longer put country before party, and there are no circumstances under which they would ever impeach President Trump.

That bears repeating: There is nothing Trump could do that would turn the Republican party away from their man.


Pussy grabbing? Who cares? Sexual assault, collusion with Russia, emoluments abuses, and constant obstruction of justice be damned, Republicans plan to stick by their man no matter what.

When Katon Dawson, longtime GOP strategist, went on Joy Reid to discuss the Russia investigation he admitted that there is truly nothing Trump could do that would turn the party away from their man.

Reid was discussing the release of the Nunes memo and whether or not its release constitutes obstruction of justice. She pointed out that while Republicans keep saying that was never the intention, it doesn’t seem like they can all really believe that.


Ried pointed out that Republicans are using their talking points and maintaining that Trump has no intention of obstructing justice by firing Mueller. Then she asked,

“Do you believe that Republicans really actually believe what they’re saying in terms of Donald Trump not going after Mueller, not going after Rosenstein and that they would do anything about it if he did?”

Dawson tried initially to deflect from the question, but he is apparently aware of the damage that Trump would incur if he attempted to fire either man.

“what Republicans know is, if he goes after Rosenstein that’s a flesh wound. If he goes after Mueller, that is a deep deep body blow that he probably couldn’t get over.”

Then, Ried just straight asked Dawson if there is anything Trump could do that would force Paul Ryan’s House of Representatives to impeach him.

“Is there any circumstance under which you can see the Paul Ryan House of Representatives impeaching Donald Trump.”

Dawson’s response was as short as it was terrifying. He said, “absolutely not.”

Reid looked a little surprised when she responded that she agreed with Dawson on that point. Indeed, at this point in time, everyone can see that Republicans are firmly entrenched in the pit that is Donald Trump. Now we just have confirmation that the party will never put country before the Grand Old Party that has fallen from grace in every way.

And that, folks, is a YUGE problem for democracy.

Feature Image via Crooks and Liars Video.

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