‘Hospital Dumping’ – Baltimore Dumps Patient Wearing Only A Gown

The CBS Evening News aired a video of “patient dumping” in the Baltimore area. A concerned bystander, Imamu Baraka caught the incident on camera, showing hospital staff who took part in wheeling a woman in her hospital gown outside the hospital near a bus stop at night and then leaving her there in freezing temperatures.

Baraka says in a recording of the encounter that:

“It’s about 30 degrees out here right now.  Are you OK, ma’am? Do you need me to call the police”

The obviously distraught woman was unable to respond to the questions.

The University of Maryland Medical Center released a statement about the incident, saying that they “share the shock and disappointment of many who have viewed the video. In the end, we clearly failed to fulfill our mission with this patient.”

The Medical Center will review the incident and may take action against the employees who left the woman in the cold, but if not for the concerned fellow citizen, that may not have been the outcome.

Imamu called 911, and the hospital personnel took the woman back inside the same hospital.

Anderson Cooper reported on the practice of “Hospital Dumping” in a report in 2007. The report exposed that some hospitals in Los Angeles were trying to avoid dealing with homeless patients “who are often uninsured and sometimes unpleasant to treat.”

In one case, a 63-year old woman with dementia named Carol Ann Reyes was taken by taxi by hospital staff and dumped in a crime-ridden area called Skid Row wearing only a hospital gown.

See the story about the recent case in Baltimore below:

See the story of “Patient Dumping” with Anderson Cooper below:

Featured image: Screenshot Via Pixabay.

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