A ‘Normal’ Hunting Rifle Shouldn’t Be Turned Into A Weapon Of Mass Murder – But Could Be, Easily

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As a gun control advocate, I believe that we would greatly benefit from understanding guns before discussing responsible gun ownership with the NRA. Banning the AR-15 rifle is currently the most hotly contested issue when it comes to controlling gun violence.

Poster Child For Mass Shootings?

Making the AR-15 the poster child for mass shootings is only one piece of a complicated issue.

The AR-15 rifle looks like a machine gun that Rambo would use to mow down 150 bad guys in a few minutes while pounding his chest like an ape

The following is a photo of my semiautomatic Benelli 30-06 caliber rifle.

Image By Duncan Claybourne/Own Work

It comes standard with an internal magazine that holds four rounds. The caliber of this rifle is actually larger than a typical AR-15. However, AR-15s do come in more than one caliber.

An AR-15 is inaccurately labeled as an “Assault Rifle” because of its acronym. The “AR” actually stands for  “Armalite Rifle,” a class of firearms that operates mechanically identical to the Benelli. The AR-15 uses a small caliber bullet with high velocity, relatively speaking. It is incredibly simple to work and can be shouldered and carried.

But perhaps most importantly it can fire with ease, and the barrel doesn’t get too hot.

The most significant differences Include, IMHO…

  1. The AR-15 looks like a machine gun that Rambo would use to mow down 150 bad guys in a few minutes while pounding his chest like an ape. It is not. It is just like my rifle, except
  2. It has a handle. Yup, that is what many “Assault Rifle” bans focus on when they make them illegal to own. Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is a gun nut, but he made a valid point while acting like a heartless fool during a CNN town hall in the wake of the Parkland massacre. He pointed out that there are around 2200 rifles that operate mechanically the same way but most only focus on about 200 (his numbers). The thing is, he’s correct. Lawmakers use handles as a reason to ban some rifles.
  3. The reason for banning handles leads to the fact that some AR-15s come fitted with large capacity magazines, sometimes referred to as “Banana Clips.” The Banana Clip is the same magazine type that the AK-47 uses. The magazine type – and not the gun – is what the gun control and gun rights groups should discuss. Including, preferably, the number of bullets magazines hold, not to mention fire, before swapping out the spent magazine for a new one. Well, that, and the fact that the user could reload an AR-15 in just seconds.
  4. The caliber of the bullet. It is just a measurement in increments of the standard inch in diameter. A .223 round, which is common in AR-15s, is a reference to it being just under a quarter of an inch wide. My Benelli fires a round that is considerably larger. This means the AR-15 with a .223 round has less recoil, which also means more bullets fired in rapid succession than the Benelli.

What gun control advocates need to understand is that my Benelli, if it had a 30 round magazine, would be just as deadly, if not more so, than most AR-15s.

But it doesn’t look scary, so most folks don’t even consider it problematic.

The Benelli is simply more accurate over a greater distance than the typical AR-15. However, the lighter .223 round tends to tumble upon hitting flesh causing massive, gaping wounds and turning internal organs to mush, literally, which scientists refer to as the cavitation effect. (See video below for more information on this effect.)

They are deadly in different ways

These mass killers likely gravitate to the AR-15 because it makes them feel like they have compensated for their undescended testicles with a bazooka-sized penis extension.

It looks badass. It looks dangerous. It looks intimidating, and that is a psychological issue – not an issue that pertains to how a gun operates. If you ban them, these deranged idiots will resort to purchasing a rifle like my Benelli, and shove a massive magazine into it with four more in their pockets when they go berserk.

We would need to ban a hell of a lot more guns to wipe out all of the weapons that can be modified to fire hundreds of rounds in a few minutes

Rubio is an NRA beholden nightmare – have no doubt about that fact, but he made a valid point while the gun control folks in the audience that nearly booed him off the stage that night.

Rubio was asked – paraphrasing, of course:

“Why not start with those 200 guns that look scary?”

What he said was correct. Banning the AR-15 is just one component in reducing mass shootings. There are, in fact, a couple of thousand other guns to ban that can be adapted to kill many humans in a short period.

A Benelli is one of those rifles

It comes down to something elementary: If Americans choose to ban AR-15s, they have NOT solved the problem. The real problem is the magazine capacity. Period.

The reason why the Benelli comes with a four round magazine is that it is a hunting rifle. That is why it has a scope, and that is why it doesn’t come with a 30 round magazine. If you need that many bullets to bag Bambi, then you have no business going anywhere near a trigger. Nevermind the fact you will destroy the very meat for which you killed Bambi for in the first place.

Guns weren’t designed for any other purpose except to kill. All guns are meant to kill. They are just a tool, but they are a tool for causing death.

Many of us sound ridiculous when debating Fright-Wing gun nuts. Many don’t possess any knowledge of firearms, or worse, they possess inaccurate information, and that makes freaks like Ted Nugent laugh his sick ass off at our naivete.

So bring on better background checks. In many states, it remains legal to pawn off your grandpa’s arsenal to anyone, with zero background checks, after he dies.

That is nuts

Domestic violence offender? No worries. As long as the seller doesn’t ask any questions, there won’t be any legal ramifications. This loophole leaves the seller able to skirt the law quite easily.

If we are going to discuss the mechanics of how firearms function, then to do so, we need to get over our basal ganglionic reactions that our reptile brains spark that tells us to ban weapons based upon how they trigger a fear response visually.

Solving this aspect of gun violence requires buckling up and getting down to the real issue – and that is restricting magazine capacity.

Check out this video of ballistic bullet testing for more information:

Featured Image By Duncan Claybourne/Own Work.

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