Ivanka Trump Sitting at the Resolute Desk Ignites Social Media Maelstrom

Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau in February 2017

President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, recently tweeted an Oval Office photo of her behind the Resolute Desk which raised many eyebrows on the social media. The photo shows Ivanka sitting at the Resolute Desk framed by her father and the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau. Under the photo, Ivanka wrote that she had a great discussion with two world leaders about women’s empowerment.

The pic, which the president’s daughter tweeted Monday, was hit by a tidal wave of angry tweets. One user said the presidential chair should not be used as “a prop” for the commander-in-chief’s daughter. Another angry user told Ivanka she had “no business” in the White House. He noted the picture sends the wrong message to the world as people might think America is now run on nepotism just like a third world country.

Another one told Ivanka “no one elected you” while somebody else quickly reminded her she did nothing to “gain that seat […] other than being born to a rich father” whose tie was disproportionally long.

Another social media user pointed out that “even the blind can see through this…,” while another one lamented about how many bring-your-daughter-to-work days the president was going to have. A twitterer replied to this one by saying that former president Barack Obama had his mother-in-law living with the first family at the White House and no one bothered.

However, people largely agreed that unelected women should not sit at the Resolute Desk and the first woman to sit in that particular chair should be America’s first female president.

On the other hand, there were Ivanka supporters who praised her for doing a good job and for being a “role model’ for all women.

Nevertheless, this isn’t the first time a person other than the president has sat in the president’s chair. Former president Barack Obama allowed children to sit at his desk during photo ops.

Black kid in the president's chair

And one time, Obama switched places with President of Chile Sebastion Pinera during an official meeting.

President of Chile Sebastion Pinera and Barack Obama

However, Ivanka’s photo op at the particular table has stirred so much criticism especially after her father defended her when the luxury department store chain Nordstrom removed her clothing line from shelves. Even though the company said it took the decision because the sales of Ivanka’s brand plunged last year, president Trump blasted Nordstrom for being “unfair” to his daughter. And such comments made people think Trump might attempt to run the U.S. on nepotism.

Nevertheless, the real motive for Ivanka’s presence Monday at the White House was to represent women who have still struggles to reach leadership positions. Prime Minister Trudeau confirmed “significant barriers” still exist in the path of women seeking leadership roles.

On Monday, Trump and Trudeau gave the green light to a women’s business initiative called the Canada-United States Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders designed to empower women in corporate circles. The two leaders addressed the issue at a roundtable with nine female executives, including Ivanka.

Image Source: Twitter

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