Is Joe Kennedy Starting His Run For The White House In 2020?

There is a new voice emerging on the political horizon that sounds eerily familiar but in a comforting way. Joseph Kennedy III, (D-MA) has been drawing quite a bit of attention lately for his impromptu speeches. Yesterday, after the GOP forfeited their health care bill, Joe took to the podium and channeled the Kennedys of old.

Kennedy grew up steeped in liberal politics. He and his twin brother Matt were born at the height of his great-uncle Ted Kennedy’s 1980 presidential campaign. His grandfather, former US Attorney Bobby Kennedy and his other great-uncle, President John F Kennedy were considered the voice of a new generation. Both were beloved for their style of speaking and their commitment to human rights. Great-uncle Ted was passionate about human rights and openly in favor of universal health care during his 36 years in the senate. Congressman Joe is currently serving his second term in the House and his national popularity has surged since the 2016 election.

Watch Kennedy destroy Paul Ryan and the AHCA in this video from early March:

There are already whispers of a potential 2020 run for president and he is certainly set up for a strong re-election bid in 2018. Progressive liberals, who have been experiencing a sort of ‘outrage fatigue’ of late, may have found the energy they need with him to make it through this dumpster fire of the Trump administration. If the Kennedy legacy lives then we should expect to hear quite a bit more from the young congressman.


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