Lindsey Graham: Congress Should Switch Focus to Clinton’s Emails

Sen. Lindsey Graham on Fox News

In an interview with Fox News Thursday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) suggested Congress has better things to do than looking into Trump aides’ alleged collusion with Russia, like renewing a probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Maybe We Should All Go Back to Clinton’s Emails

The South Carolina senator thinks the Clinton and her aides contacted the Department of Justice during an investigation into her mishandling of classified work emails at the time when she was serving as the country’s Secretary of State.

Graham started his monolog by congratulating the Democrats for succeeding in appointing a special prosecutor for the Trump-Russia investigation. However, he criticized the appointment because he hasn’t seen evidence of a crime yet.

Graham added that although he respects the DOJ’s decision, the move does nothing more than shutting Congress down. He urged Democrats to “move on” and let prosecutors do their job.

Surprisingly, the lawmaker doesn’t think all congressional probes should be dropped.

 “There’s a new front opening here,” Graham started his argument.

He added the Clinton campaign and other Democratic officials communicated with the DOJ via e-mail during the campaign to discuss the Clinton probe “that happened on Obama’s watch.”

Graham reminded the Fox News host that he was a member of the Judiciary Committee and he believes the panel should have access to the emails sent by the Clinton campaign and Democratic operatives to the DOJ because the committee has jurisdiction over the department.

Graham, though, acknowledged that he has never seen any of the e-mail exchanges and did not explain why he has “reason to believe” they are real either.

Graham’s Contradictory Statements about the Special Prosecutor

Still, the Republican lawmaker is right about one thing: the appointment of former FBI chief Robert Mueller as special prosecutor was a huge victory for the Democratic Party.

The DOJ investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia was conducted under the watch of two Trump loyalists, AG Jeff Sessions and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein both of whom Trump appointed. When Sessions recused himself from all Russia probe, Rosenstein became the leader of the investigation.

So, it is no wonder that the DOJ insisted that the appointment of a special prosecutor would be useless until a media report revealed that Trump tried to sway fired FBI Director James Comey into dropping an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s connections to Russia.

The GOP-backed the DOJ and said that there is no need for an FBI investigation because congressional probes can find the truth by themselves. However, the officials leading the investigation are part of Trump’s team that is under investigation.

After Mueller’s appointment, Congress did not say that it would drop its investigations into the issue. Capitol Hill lawmakers are only concerned that their investigation could interfere with Mueller’s.

It is unclear why Graham is so critical of the special prosecutor since at a CNN town hall in March he told reporters that he was all in for the appointment of a special prosecutor. At the time, he expressed doubt that investigators could find something. But if the FBI found something that seemed “criminal in nature,” he would support the appointment of a special prosecutor, Graham said back then.

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