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Representative’s Latest Excuse For Harassing An Aide: Obamacare Made Me Do It

Republican Rep. Patrick Meehan (PA) has been making the media rounds to discuss an investigation launched by the House Ethics Committee in which was accused of using taxpayer dollars to fund a settlement with a former aide.

Meehan has a host of excuses. Think: she was my soulmate; “I didn’t do anything wrong,” but the latest reason Meehan says he may have sexually harassed the young female is out of this world. He’s blaming it on Obamacare.

Yes! It’s Obama’s fault! Huffington Post reports that the Republican effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act allegedly stressed Meehan out to the point that when he found out the aide was in a serious relationship, he became hostile. No, it couldn’t be that he mistakenly believed the two to have a romantic connection although they never established a relationship.

It couldn’t be that Meehan and other influential men somehow remain entirely unaware of the power dynamic involved in their interactions with female employees. It was the stress of the noble effort to take away millions’ of Americans access to health insurance.

“You are and have been a complete partner to me, and you have brought me much happiness.”

Meehan signed the letter, “with all my heart,” and claims the hand-written letter was not of a romantic nature.

Meehan was a member of the House Ethics Committee, which has been tasked with investigating claims of sexual misconduct among members. He has since been removed from his position.

The representative also said that he does not plan to abandon his campaign for reelection and that he will pay back the settlement amount – but only if the House Ethics Committee tells him to do so.

He maintains that he has done nothing wrong – and that refusal to admit guilt or to even attempt to understand how his behavior might have been unethical – is exactly the root of the problem.

Welcome to 2018, Rep. Meehan.

Featured Image via US House of Representatives/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain.

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