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In The United States Of ‘Murika Gun Owners Have More Rights Than Women


Today is International Women’s Day and while it should be a day of empowerment for women around the globe, here in the United States it stands as a stark reminder of exactly what we are missing; equal protection under the constitution, just like the ones that gun owners have in spades.


For a little perspective, consider the following: Gun owners in the United States enjoy freedoms under the constitution, and they have since the 18th century. The U.S. is one of only three countries worldwide that provide such guarantees to gun owners.

On the other hand, there are 131 countries worldwide that use their constitutions to protect women. The U.S. is not on that particular list.

Women in America, on the other hand, have been fighting for decades, asking only to be as protected under the constitution as an AR-15 and its owner.

Possibly the biggest kicker is that a full 80 percent of Americans think women already have constitutional protection.

Things like equal pay, control of our own bodies through birth control, sexual harassment, and domestic violence are all areas in which women just lose in today’s ‘Murika.


Jessica Neuwirth, president of the ERA coalition, said:

“On the moral plane, there’s a sense in which the Constitution sets forth our human rights and to not have the human rights of women in there is a gross omission”

The ERA coalition is a group founded in 2014 that has dedicated itself to amending the constitution and fixing this glaring injustice. This injustice, let’s be honest, burns all the more since the mass shooting in Parkland Florida.

Recently, a 19-year-old gunned down 17 people in Florida because even when he was reported to the FBI because he had no criminal record, their hands were tied and they were unable to do a single thing to stop him.


For a little more perspective, compare that to a mother in Colorado who had her three children, ages 7, 9, and 10, stolen from her and shot to death by their father. The mother did everything she was supposed to do when she filed a protective order against the violent man.

When she called the police to enforce the protective order, however, they refused to help her and informed her that it was a “private matter” between husband and wife. She lost everything as a result.

Think about that for a second. A 19-year-old with an arsenal and a violent past is protected, even when law enforcement is informed dozens of times that they are a threat, officers are powerless. Yet, a mother doing everything in her power to protect her offspring is denied even rudimentary help keeping them alive.


An equal rights amendment would force police to take the rights of women as seriously as they take the rights of gun owners, it’s that simple. Indeed, the mother from Colorado took her case to an international court and it charged the U.S. with a human rights violation.

There is a chance, with the Equal Rights Amendment that women in America will see things change. However, the battle will be long and hard fought. As it stands, the legislation is introduced in the House every year, most recently it was Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) that made the attempt.

Currently, 94 percent of Americans support the ERA.

Catharine MacKinnon, who sits on the advisory council of the current ERA Coalition:

“This amendment is the only legal initiative expansive enough to support what the Me Too revelations have shown is needed.”

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