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Parkland Teacher Arrested – Left A Loaded Weapon Unattended In A Public Restroom


In case it isn’t enough that teachers themselves are begging not to have the responsibility of being armed, the few that currently have guns continue to prove why it’s just a bad idea all around. A Parkland teacher, Sean Simpson, left a loaded weapon unattended in the public restroom, and police arrested him.

Before Simpson realized his mistake, a drunk homeless man found the gun and fired it, hitting a wall.


Simpson teaches chemistry at Margory Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida, which was where 17 people died in February in a mass shooting. Simpson is the same guy that said he would be interested in carrying on campus, after the shooting by the way.

Broward County Sheriffs were called to the unusual shooting scene last Sunday at the Deerfield Beach Pier near Fort Lauderdale.

Simpson told police that he mistakenly left the loaded Glock 9mm in a stall in the restroom. By the time he realized what he had done and went back to get it, a homeless man had found it and fired off a shot. After a brief struggle, Simpson managed to wrestle the gun away from the man.


Ths incident speaks to a much larger problem, currently. President Donald Trump and many Republicans are pushing for legislation that will arm American teachers, even while the evidence continues to mount that the plan is a terrible idea.

In Georgia, A star math instructor at Lithia Springs High School fired a bullet from a handgun in what was believed to be a suicide attempt in August of 2017. Then in February, 90 miles from Atlanta, a social studies teacher named Jesse Randal Davidson barricaded himself in a classroom and fired off a handgun.


For those of you thinking that training the teachers will make it safer, think again.

Dennis Alexander, a reserve officer with the Sand City Polie Department, was teaching a gun safety class at Seaside High School when he pointed his gun at the ceiling and accidentally fired off a shot that injured a student.

In Alexandria, Virginia on the very same day as the incident in California, an armed school resource officer accidentally fired his weapon at Washington Middle School. Luckily, no one was injured. The officer was a five-year veteran of the Alexandria Police Department.


The evidence against more guns was already overwhelming. Time and again, studies show that more guns equal more gun violence, period. Now that actually arming teachers is a real idea supported by the president, these facts matter more than ever.

Not to mention, mounting evidence continues to prove that the teachers who are willing to carry firearms are the very ones that never should.

Here’s hoping someone can find a solution before anyone else has to die.

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