President Trump Throws a Tantrum In the Rose Garden

Once again, the Tweeter-in-Chief proves how thin-skinned he really is after he takes a photo op in the WH Rose Garden to brag about the impressive size of the border security budget increase in the new spending bill.

Last evening the House reached a compromise on several key issues in the proposed spending bill. While the bill is expected to pass without incident, it was missing a few key pieces that Trump originally asked for. The absence of funding for the border wall project and the extension of Obamacare subsidies were seen as a “win” for Democrats in many news reports.

President Trump, who can’t stand losing, lashed out on Twitter this morning with the final suggestion that a “good shutdown” is what our country needs.

Later, while he was supposed to be presenting the U.S. Air Force Football team with the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy, he took a moment to lash out at the Democrats. At the podium in the Rose Garden he went of script to brag about the the largest spending increase for border security in history.

Once again, he’s is worried that he doesn’t measure up.

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