A Progressive With A Hand Cannon Speaks Out

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I am a Progressive, I grew up in a career military family, and I own and am trained to use a hand cannon – a .357 Magnum Smith and Wesson six-shot revolver. It does not have a 30-round magazine.

Here’s The Deal

If I cannot defend my “castle” against an intruder with that thing loaded, complete with six hollow-point rounds, then there is no Bushmaster or Ruger with 5 magazines full of 150 rounds that would ever save me.

Plus my six retired hunting Coonhounds would rip your face off if I winked at your bad intentions, and that’s the point.

My Hemphill Hound (Blue Tick): Steve Rothrock

I want to die never needing to lift that weapon. If I do, that means I intend to pull the trigger if need be.

And that would haunt me forever.

If a hunter requires 30 rounds to bag Bambi, that hunter has no business putting their finger anywhere near a trigger.

My pistol is registered and licensed in the mostly red state of North Carolina.

I believe that a person should pay for insurance if they do not receive proper training in all aspects of gun ownership, from proper storage to hitting center mass. Period.

And please don’t tell me you need a Goddamned arsenal the size of your two-car garage to defend yourself against anything as unlikely as a full-scale assault by the Feds from your bunker in Idaho.

They will not be coming with a wet noodle. You will not be victorious.

They have drones, and cruise missiles, and tanks. Your AR-15 will not help.

This is about white male privilege run amok. This is about men who believe that they need bazooka-sized penis extensions – for Blue Cross Blue Shield to pay for their Viagra while denying women contraception at their local Planned Parenthood.

This is why domestic violence offenders generally commit these mass killings.

President Donald Trump is a grotesque symptom of a deeper problem, and that problem reveals a dank, dark, destructive manufactured fear that now runs rampant. This freak flag of pathetic insecurity now waves about proudly in shopping malls, in churches, and in sports-ball stadiums across the country.


We are the most frightened and frightening nation on Earth. We now have two arms races – one with whatever Lockheed Martin can shove down our throats in our PermaWars for Profit, and one right here within our borders.

And that arms race is between all of us as fellow Americans, and no one is “winning.”

Featured Image By Steve Rothrock.


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