Some Revolutionary War Heroes Were The Same Age As The Parkland High School Students

Conservative Social Media has been brutal to the young adult survivors of the Parkland High School massacre. However, these students are rightly held up as heroes by many for their outspoken voices seeking sane gun control legislation.

Their profound courage in facing down the NRA is only amplified by the Fright Wing’s relentless smear campaign to vilify the students for being too young to have an opinion on this controversial and polarizing issue.

These so-called kids have been thrust into the spotlight that culminated in nationwide “March for Our Lives” rallies held across the nation last Saturday. David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, in particular, have risen to the forefront of this movement with their impassioned speeches at the main rally in Washington, D.C.

The Washington Post reported,

A doctored animation of González tearing the U.S. Constitution in half circulated on social media during the rally, after it was lifted from a Teen Vogue story about teenage activists. In the real image, González is ripping apart a gun-range target.

Info Wars even went so far as to doctor another video of David Hogg by placing Adolph Hitler’s voice over his speech in the nation’s capital.

But the resounding complaint from the Right has been to decry that these student activists should be “seen and not heard,” and are simply too young to know what they are talking about.

How old does a person have to be for society to take them seriously?

Perhaps it would be wise to harken to the founding of our country and investigate that very question.

During the Revolutionary War, a young soldier fought for our freedom and was injured in the Battle of Trenton. His name was James Monroe, and he went on to become the fifth President of the United States.

In 1776, he turned 18 years old, the same age that Emma Gonzalez is now.

Marquis de Lafayette famously commanded the French Navy in the battle of Yorktown, in support of American forces. His heroic aid led to the surrender by British general Cornwallis- ensuring victory, and the birth of our nation. In 1776 Lafayette was 18 years old.

We, as a nation, should not determine the worth of a person to participate in a civic debate based solely on their age.

The impact of these students is undeniable – just ask Laura Ingraham.

Featured Image Via YouTube Video.

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