Putin’s Newest Challenger Is More Than Just A Pretty Face – She Is His ‘Goddaughter’

The daughter of a now-deceased protege of Vladimir Putin has announced her bid for president. Russia’s elections appear to be nothing more than a show to re-elect Putin, as his actual opponents are removed or killed off. The rest are purely tokens. For example, opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been barred from running because of embezzlement charges that Navalny and rights advocates say were concocted to stop him. Now the announcement from former reality TV star, Ksenia Sobchak, is being interpreted as just a convenient foil for the Kremlin –a way of creating the veiled optics of an actual legitimate election – a blatant charade from a famous socialite, journalist, and actress.

“It has been rumored, though never confirmed, that Ksenia Sobchak is Putin’s goddaughter,” wrote The Washington Post.

Vladimir Putin hasn’t bothered to announce his candidacy even though the elections are less than six months away –as if it is just a given. He has been a Russian leader since 1999.

Ksenia A. Sobchak has 5.3 million Instagram followers, where she posts glamorous pictures similar to any American actress or model. She appeared on the Russian version of “Big Brother” called “Dom-2.” She lived in a house with other Russians, broadcasting her daily life for TV viewers. She also has a large Twitter following.

Ksenia’s father was Anatoly A. Sobchak, the reformist mayor of the city of St. Petersburg. Her mother was a former member of Russia’s parliament. Anatoly appointed Putin as his deputy, launching Putin’s career.

Sobchak’s campaign statement:
“I am ‘against all,’ ” she wrote, announcing her candidacy. “You are not for Sobchak, you are voting against all — against Yavlinsky, Zyuganov, and Putin.”

But is she really against all?

“I will not insult him personally,” she said of Putin. “For me, he is somebody who helped my father in a very difficult situation, basically saved his life,” she said. “But it doesn’t mean that I like everything he does as a politician.”

She has denied her candidacy is a Kremlin plot.

Her candidacy is reported as a “safe political movement” channeled by the Russian government for young people, who are showing a rise in protest of the Putin regime. Putin’s spokesman endorsed Sobchak’s candidacy as legitimate just minutes after she announced her run on the TV Rain channel. It can’t get much more Putin-approved than that.

“Perhaps we won’t win this election, but I am confident that today we can lay a foundation that will in a few years lead my generation into power,” Ms. Sobchak, 35, said. “Our generation will define its own life.”

Even though almost everyone doubts she could ever win in the obviously rigged system, opponents are hoping that Sobchak may be resisting the system in some way and raising awareness for a younger generation of Russians. There seems to be no one credible who believes the Russian election is more than just a scripted reality TV show – not even Ksenia herself.

In case there is any doubt, The Washington Post outlines ten critics of Vladimir Putin who ended up violently or suspiciously killed.

For more see this revealing interview below:




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