Ryan And House Republicans Help Sabotage ACA By Doing Nothing

Republican lawmakers will not pursue a bipartisan plan to stabilize the Affordable Care Act or try to “repeal and replace” the law this year, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said on Wednesday.

Reuters reports that Ryan said his party is shelving health care altogether until the 2018 congressional election year.

No stabilizing of the insurance markets? No mention of Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-All? What an excellent way to play millions of Americans after attempting to take away their affordable access to health insurance not once, not twice, but three times this year.

We can all rest assured that our health insurance plans will at least remain as they are until 2018. However, pay attention. Paul Ryan and his soulless colleagues will be back at it, trying to chip away at your human right to health care access sooner than we think.

“I think that is something we should do next year,” Ryan told reporters in response to whether the House will be passing a bipartisan bill to reinstate federal subsidies that help lower-income Americans purchase medical coverage.

What would Paul Ryan be doing if his access to health care were on the line until 2018?

Ryan’s actions are not only negligent, they might as well be criminal. These Republicans are on the wrong side of history. When the midterms come, we have to vote them out. The issue has nothing to do with political lines. This has come down to saving lives. Whether you are rich or poor, you should be able to see a doctor or walk into a hospital and come out debt-free.

When asked about whether Republicans would renew their effort to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, Ryan answered, “No. I can’t imagine we can do that this year.”

Congress has quite a bit on its plate between now and the end of the year. Issues include Trump’s “tax plan” and legislation to avert a government shutdown in December. Ryan has also said that DACA will be debated as part of the spending deal.

Republican Inaction

Republicans’ inability to pass health care reform has frustrated Trump. The president took matters into his own hands this month by cutting billions of dollars of subsidies that make premiums accessible to mid and low-income Americans. Trump and his administration were well aware that doing so would destabilize the insurance market, effectively sabotaging Obamacare. Allowing a bipartisan effort to re-stabilize the market to fall by the wayside, Ryan and his colleagues are complicit in sabotaging Americans’ access to healthcare.

Again: affordable access to healthcare is a human right. When are we going to come to the collective conclusion that we do not tolerate those who seek to violate such a human right? In a sane world, politicians like Paul Ryan would be deemed unfit for public office.

Let’s take matters into our own hands and vote this predatory man out.

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