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Witness America Make History At First Ever ‘State Of The Uniom’


The anticipation is building behind President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address. The man most Americans view as unfit to serve as president will likely declare the state of the union to be everything other than the chaos that the Trump presidency is wreaking on American government.

The irony that an administration that has repeatedly launched attacks on its own people and governmental institutions will attempt to soothe the nation in earnest on Tuesday is astounding. Even more so is that the Trump administration has been so sloppy in covering its tracks. And that’s exactly why this latest mistake is so marvelous: according to official distributed tickets, Donald Trump will be speaking at the “State of the Uniom.”

Politico reports that the distribution of the tickets is now being delayed due to the spelling error. The Trump White House is not at fault for the mistake this time around, but rather the sergeant-at-arms is to blame.

The mistake will nonetheless go down in history with the rest of Trump’s non-words, including but not limited to “covfefe,” “bigly,” “Nambia,” and “unpresidented.”

Both Democrats and Republicans trolled the mistake, although at least one Democrat seized the opportunity to specifically put Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on blast for the typo:

The State of the Union is off to a very Trumpian start. Some Democratic lawmakers intent to boycott the address altogether. And if you want a break from listening to Donald Trump spout lies on television, pay close attention to the crowd coverage.

Protests have been planned, and you can expect, in particular, female lawmakers on the Democratic side to be out in full force addressing the fact that our sitting president has been accused of sexually assaulting at least 16 women.

Tune in tonight to witness the first-ever ‘State of the Uniom.’

Featured Image via Laura Barrón-López/Twitter.

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