Multiple Sources Report Comey Requested More Money for Russia Probe

When firing FBI Director James Comey, Donald Trump offered no real explanation of the reasoning behind Comey’s termination. All Trump would say was that Comey just wasn’t doing a very good job.

Well, it turns out that it’s quite possible Trump feared what might happen should Comey start doing a good job. Multiple sources are now reporting that in the days before his firing, Comey was requesting more money for the Russia probe.

After the Senate Intelligence Committee had asked Comey to accelerate the investigation into Trump campaign ties to the Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, Comey met with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

According to three congressional officials briefed on the request, Comey was seeking a “significant” increase of funding available for the investigation and had met with Rodenstein because Attorney General Jeff Sessions had recused himself from all matters involving the Russia investigation.

The Justice Department denies the allegations, and Rodenstein’s memo offers only that he didn’t handle the issue of Hillary Clinton’s emails properly.

The FBI has declined comment on the issue, but there is obviously something fishy about firing Comey over errors made half a year ago, and long before Trump took office. Even conservative websites like “Red State News” admit that the news and allegations just don’t look good for Trump:

“Again, that Comey was fired because of the Russia probe instead of the Clinton scandal is just speculation. However, with a media that is not friendly to the Trump Administration, and with the number of leaks this administration has produced, the best case scenario is that Trump’s timing was bad.”

Trump continues to dismiss any new developments in the Russia story as a hoax, nothing more than “Fake News” perpetuated by a media already out to get him, seemingly figuring it will all just eventually go away.

But this story shows no signs of going away, as the evidence just keeps piling up against the Trump Administration

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