The Trump Administration Continues To Wage a Quiet War Against the LGBTQ Community

The Trump administration just voted ‘no’ on a UN resolution condemning the use of the death penalty in a discriminatory fashion.  The measure still passed, but that isn’t the point.  The United States just joined countries like Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates in voting no on a resolution that seems more suited to the middle ages.

Not only did they vote no, but they are also lying about why.

Broadly, the implications of the administration voting no on such a measure are far reaching and should not be ignored.  Indeed, the consequences for the LBGTQ community at large, are chilling.

Human’s rights groups and LBGTQ advocates spoke out against the vote, of course.  The administration has backpedaled a bit as well as try for a diversion.  They are at once lying and trying to throw Obama under the bus.  Nothing new there.


The vote was held on September 29th, 2017.  The United States was one of 13 members of the UN Human Rights Council that voted against a resolution asking that the death penalty not be used “arbitrarily or in a discriminatory manner.”

The resolution asks that in countries where the death penalty is a reality, that it not be used to impose specific forms of conduct like blasphemy, adultery, consensual same-sex relations, and apostasy.  The resolution passed with 27 countries voting in favor, 13 countries voting against, and seven abstaining from the vote.

Let’s first take a moment to celebrate what a huge win the UN resolution is to the LGBTQ community in most parts of the world. In fact, many countries condemn the death penalty altogether, let alone for the reasons listed in the resolution. But by putting consensual same-sex relations in the text of the resolution, the UN is acknowledging that the horrific practice of punishing LGBTQ for non-hetero intimacy.


The administration is dodging bullets left and right again.  UN Ambassador Nikki Haley wants everyone to believe a couple of things.  First of all, she wants everyone to believe that the Obama administration voted no on the same resolution a few years ago.  Secondly, she wants everyone to believe that the Trump administration really does have the LGBTQ communities best interests at heart.

On top of all that, a spokesperson for the State Department by the name of Heather Nauert gave a statement that attempted to explain the no vote.  “We voted against that resolution because of broader concerns with the resolution’s approach in condemning the death penalty in all circumstances,” Nauert said.

She went on to say that “The United States unequivocally condemns the application of the death penalty for conduct such as homosexuality, blasphemy, adultery, and apostasy. We do not consider such conduct appropriate for criminalization.”

Haley even added a few tweets to help expand the reach of their propaganda.  She tweeted, “Fact: There was NO vote by USUN that supported the death penalty for gay people. We have always fought for justice for the LGBT community.”  Then later tweeted again, “Fact: The vote that took place in Geneva is the same US vote that took place under the Obama admin. It was not a vote against LGBT #Fact.”


So, what is the actual truth?  Well, for starters, the Obama administration did no such thing.  There was a similar vote a few years ago.  Obama abstained from the vote altogether, first of all.  Secondly, that measure did not include language that covered same-sex relationships, blasphemy, adultery, and switching religions in with condemning the death penalty.

As a matter of fact, the UN ambassador under Obama had her own message for Twitter in response to the no vote.  Susan Rice wrote, “Shame on US! I was proud to lead U.S. efforts at UN to protect LGBTQ people, back in the day when America stood for human rights for all.”  Then later in another tweet wrote, “Not even Russia and Iran stooped as low as we did. Nice job, guys.”


Also the truth?  They didn’t vote no because of any broader implications.  The language of the measure is written in such a way that it was not a condemnation of the death penalty itself, only a condemnation of using it in a punitive and discriminatory manner.

We all know that many Americans love the death penalty.  If the vote were that simple, this wouldn’t be an issue.  To minimize it in such a way and discount the atrocities that are happening daily to LGBTQ individuals and women around the world is barbaric.  To say, “We had to vote no because we love the death penalty” is a slap in the face of every LGBTQ individual in America and around the globe.

Another lie?  Oh, the one that Haley told where she said that the Trump administration cares about the plight of the LGBTQ community.  If that were the case, there wouldn’t be thousands of soldiers worried about being kicked out of the military just for being transgender.  If that were true, there wouldn’t be thousands of transgender schoolchildren without any protection over which bathroom they must use.

Seriously, if they cared about the LGBTQ community, Trump wouldn’t have endorsed Roy Moore.  Moore is running for Senate in Alabama.  He thinks, among other things, that homosexuality should be illegal and won’t respond either way when asked if he thinks the death penalty should be used in such cases – which means of course he does.


The executive director of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association, Renato Sabbadini gave a statement noting how atrocious some countries’ anti-gay laws are.  He said, “It is unconscionable to think that there are hundreds of millions of people living in States where somebody may be executed simply because of whom they love.”

Because yes, there are still countries around the globe where the state will execute you just for being gay.  According to the ILGA same-sex contact is illegal in 74 countries.  In a total of 13 countries, it is punishable by death.  Those countries are Sudan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Mauritania, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Qatar, UAE, parts of Nigeria, parts of Somalia, parts of Syria and parts of Iraq.

By voting ‘no,’ the U.S. aligns themselves with these disgusting governments.


Advocates have pushed back against the US voting no on this resolution.  Many of them call this decision another warning sign from an administration all too eager to sign away LGBTQ rights.

“Ambassador Haley has failed the LGBTQ community by not standing up against the barbaric use of the death penalty to punish individuals in same-sex relationships,” said Ty Cobb, director of Human Rights Campaign Global.“While the UN Human Rights Council took this crucially important step, the Trump/Pence administration failed to show leadership on the world stage by not championing this critical measure. The Trump administration’s blatant disregard for human rights and LGBTQ lives around the world is beyond disgraceful.”

“The death penalty is an LGBTQ issue, and you see that in the way it’s applied in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan and other places where the penalty for same-sex activity is death,” said Ryan Thorenson, a researcher at the LGBT Rights Program at Human Rights Watch.  “When the U.S. is not willing to call that out, even in an unobjectionable resolution like this, it signals a kind of tolerance for the death penalty that should worry LGBTQ people.”


As it is quickly becoming par for the course, this is not really anything new from the Trump administration.  They do something evil, terrifying, and hateful then pretend like it was no big deal.  They deflect and gaslight.  They lie, and they put out more propaganda than North Korea on their best day.

So, how is one supposed to keep up?  Stay in touch with Our team works tirelessly to expose the Trump administration’s attempts to roll back our rights and provide you the tools you need to fight back.

Also, take care of yourself, Social Justice Warrior. Fight like Hell for those you love but remember, no single person can fight every battle there is. Take breaks from the news and hate.  This is a marathon, not a sprint.  Trust that we will be right here where you left us when you are ready to come back.


The UN resolution passing is indeed a historical moment for the LGBTQ community at large.  It’s a huge victory overall.  However, it is tempered by the fact that our own country so blatantly disregarded millions and tried to pass it off as just another day.

For a group that reportedly hates Sharia law, they sure did keep us in interesting company with this vote.  Other than China, nearly every country that voted no on this resolution is one ruled by Sharia law.  Interesting how that seems to keep happening.

Know this:  Trump and his minions are not going to stop trying to strip away the rights of everyone who isn’t straight, white, wealthy and male.  Sometimes their efforts are obvious and devastating.  Other times they are a quiet ripple that barely seems to make a dent.  Either way, it’s always part of a larger plan, even when that program isn’t readily apparent.

Also, know this: They can only get away with it if we turn our backs and allow it to happen.

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