Trump Closes Off a Summer Camp and Kayaking for Disabled Vets So He Can Golf

The Coast Guard is reportedly shutting down sections of the Potomac so that President Trump can play golf on his course located there.  This section of the Potomac river is where thousands of people go for recreation every year including wounded veterans, kids at summer camp, and Olympians in training.

The Shut Down

The Coast Guard plans to shut down a 2-mile section of the Potomac.  It shares a border wall with the golf course aptly named Trump National.  Interestingly, in 2010 Trump National clear cut hundreds of trees from the area which now is the very reason there is a clear line of sight presenting security concerns.

Trump created this problem and now thousands of people are having to pay a steep price.  This is starting to sound familiar.  He does it so spectacularly, one begins to wonder if Trump can literally feel it when he shoots himself in the foot.

Kicking Kids and Wounded Vets off the Water

Housed within the radius of this shut down is an area known as Riley’s Lock.  Riley’s Lock is used by thousands of people every year.  Kids that attend a summer camp in the location say that no one should get special treatment and it isn’t fair.

Team Runner also uses this area.  Team Runner is a non-profit that helps wounded and disabled veterans.  The vets like to kayak along this stretch of the Potomac.

John Deitle, 41, is a former Marine who served five tours in Iraq and Afghanistan said, “It’s just heartbreaking.”

Granted, it’s his golf course, but he has other golf courses. – John Deitle

The people that use the area want to section it off so that Trump can remain secure and they can still get on the water, albeit on a smaller section.  They are willing to compromise.  Ashley Nee is a Kayaker who was on Team USA in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.  She is currently training for the 2020 games on the affected stretch of the Potomac.

It’s a sharing culture out here, and it feels strange to have somebody not sharing. – Ashley Nee

Sharing and fairness.  It seems once again that the President of the United States missed more than a few days of elementary school.

The White House has Nothing to Say

The White House and the Secret Service have refused to comment on the situation.  Lt. Amanda Faulkner is a spokesperson for the Coast Guard.  She reports that the area has been closed down five times since March.  Residents and the people using the area hope that they don’t have to miss out on any more precious time spent having fun during the all too brief Summer months.




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