Trump Shows No Remorse as He Kills Michelle Obama’s Signature School Lunch Program

White House sources said President Trump ordered the immediate reversal of Michelle Obama’s signature guidelines to the National School Lunch Program. Let Girls Learn, another of the former-FLOTUS’ initiatives, shared a similar fate.

Trump Rolls Back Critical School Lunch Guidelines

Mrs. Obama’s famous school lunch program set guidelines to provide students with healthier food options in school cafeterias. The initiative was designed as a deterrent to childhood obesity by setting standards for public schools when providing food options to their students.

The program is desperately needed especially in districts where the breakfast and lunch provided by the schools are often the only meals these children get each day. In those areas, public schools are often tempted to reach deals with soda and snack companies to raise extra funds, which is detrimental to kids’ health.

Trump’s Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced the rule change on Monday during a visit to an elementary school in Virginia. The official said the Trump administration seeks to grant public schools “regulatory flexibility.”

Right-leaning news outlets welcomed the news with many of them claiming that the Trump administration “made lunch edible again” and cheering at Trump for hitting Michelle the hardest.

It is unclear what “regulatory flexibility” exactly means, however, people involved in the program are concerned that killing Obama’s guidelines would end the program altogether. The head of the American Heart Association, Nancy Brown, thinks the Trump administration should focus on providing schools with technical assistance so they can improve the program rather than gut the initiative.

Trump Guts Mrs. Obama’s Education Initiative

Another program pioneered by the former First Lady is Let Girls Learn. Mrs. Obama launched the initiative in 2015 as a way to provide teenage girls in developing countries with broader education opportunities. The program was carried out by the United States Agency for International Development and the Peace Corps.

CNN obtained a copy of the memo with President Trump’s order that Let Girls Learn should “cease operation immediately.” Sources also said that the activists involved in the program were told to stop using the LGL name as the program was ending.

Peace Corps’ acting director Sheila Crowley confirmed the agency would no longer be using the brand as a stand-alone program. She broke the news to Peace Corps’ employees through an internal email.

The Trump administration has yet to reply to a request for comment, but Trump’s move was most likely a politically motivated based simply on his loathing for his predecessor. The decision may also be a move to galvanize his base by giving it a symbolic victory.

Trump supporters need such victories to keep their faith in Trump since their hero has failed to achieve any of his major campaign promises, such as repealing and replacing Obamacare, despite the GOP holding all power in Washington.

Either way, taking education away from girls in other countries and healthy food from school-aged kids in the U.S. is tantamount to bullying for political gain. Nice job, Mister President.

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