The Trump Sons Want To Capitalize on Plantations and the Blues

Eric and Donald Trump Jr. are no strangers to controversy. From their fondness for big game sport hunting to their involvement in Russian efforts to undermine the Presidential election in 2016, the Trump brothers are accustomed to criticism for their behavior.

In an appalling display of racism and insensitivity, the brothers are seeking to venture out into new real estate projects. The Trump’s are known for New York style luxury high rise buildings.

In their most recent business venture, the Trump brothers are planning to build luxury plantation-style properties in impoverished, predominantly black, areas in the south. The luxury plantation hotels will be built in impoverished areas of Mississippi on a backdrop of cotton and soybean fields.

The Washington Post had this to say about the venture, “It is nearly unheard of for a national hotel company to debut hotel lines in one of America’s poorest corners, surrounded by cotton and soybean fields and lacking a commercial airport or even an easily accessed interstate.”

The Trump brothers will exploit small towns in the Mississippi Delta to make a buck in the guise of celebrating Blues music. According to the Washington Post, it is, “A plan that some black residents view as Trump’s effort to monetize the threadbare music invented by slaves in the Mississippi cotton fields.”

The Trump brothers are not fronting the millions of dollars for the project. They are working with the Chawlas. The Chawlas are major Republican donors who donated $50,000 to GOP candidates in the 2016 election. They also donated $27,000 to the Trump campaign.

Bloomberg Businessweek reported, “The Chawlas are paying the entire $20 million cost of the project; the Trump Organization will take a cut of sales once it opens.”

Representative Bennie Thompson (D-MS) said, “It shows he really doesn’t have a conscience. It’s about money.” Thompson continued saying, “I think if the Trumps’ bottom-line profits for a hotel in the Mississippi Delta are predicated on black people coming and spending money, I think they are in serious trouble.”

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